n.1.A piece of leather crossing the breast, used by the men who drag sledges in coal mines.
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Roger Byard and Jason Payne-James and now in its second edition, is a four-volume encyclopedia compiled by an international team of forensic specialists who explore the relationship between law, medicine, and science in the study of forensics.
Much of the research into the lives and deaths of the soldiers has been carried out by Hazel Byard, a former teacher at Chickenley Infant and Nursery School and her husband Malcolm, a retired senior research fellow at Leeds University.
Ipswich physio Matt Byard said: "Ryan was training on the Friday when he suffered a non-contact injury.
Les Byard, chairman of The Big Heart of Merthyr, said: "We had to have the Chilli Fiesta back to Merthyr after its enormous success last year.
Contact: Aimee Byard 760-346-7334 bi@bighorninstitute.
Paul Byard, director for Wales at EEF, said: "Any concerns that manufacturing activity might wobble at the start of 2015 have been quashed.
Town councillor for Stobhill, Alison Byard said: "I am very disappointed and so will be many of the residents from Stobhill.
Tremendous progress has been seen since 2011, according to Eliza Byard, executive director of Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network in an interview with (http://www.
The launching pad for the Jazz History Database was an unpleasant one, the death of legendary jazz great and Worcester native Jaki Byard, who was killed in his Queens apartment in 1999.
Didz has suffered a partial tear of the medial ligament in his right knee," said Ipswich physio Matt Byard last night.
Spokesman Paul Byard said: "We pride ourselves on our positive approach to NPD, working with customers to deliver the best result from the combination of standard materials, inks and varnishes.