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 (bī′rən), George Gordon Sixth Baron Byron. 1788-1824.
British poet acclaimed as one of the leading figures of the romantic movement. The "Byronic hero"—lonely, rebellious, and brooding—first appeared in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (1812-1818). Among his other works are Manfred (1817) and the epic satire Don Juan (1819-1824). He died while working to secure Greek independence from the Turks.

By·ron′ic (bī-rŏn′ĭk) adj.
By·ron′i·cal·ly adv.


(baɪˈrɒn ɪk)

of or like Lord Byron or his work, as in displaying romanticism.
By•ron′i•cal•ly, adv.
References in classic literature ?
But there came a time when Laurie ceased to worship at many shrines, hinted darkly at one all-absorbing passion, and indulged occasionally in Byronic fits of gloom.
Though not cold-natured, he was rather bright than hot--less Byronic than Shelleyan; could love desperately, but with a love more especially inclined to the imaginative and ethereal; it was a fastidious emotion which could jealously guard the loved one against his very self.
His imagination and the books he had read had inspired in him a desire for the Byronic attitude; and he was torn between a morbid self-consciousness and a conviction that he owed it to himself to be gallant.
A sort of Byronic hero--an amorous conspirator, it strikes me.
But in spite of all this melodramatic clap-trap the romances, like 'Childe Harold,' are filled with the tremendous Byronic passion, which, as in 'Childe Harold,' lends great power alike to their narrative and their description.
In the most important of them, 'Manfred,' a treatment of the theme which Marlowe and Goethe had used in 'Faust,' his real power is largely thwarted by the customary Byronic mystery and swagger.
Here we have two less frequently-performed Tchaikovsky compositions, the Marche Slave (more demure than the bombastic 1812 Over-rture with which it shares material) and the Manfred Symphony, a big bold, Byronic work which demands guts as well as resources to do it justice.
Talking about Cumberbatch's sex appeal as Sherlock, Gatiss believes that it may have something to do with "the combination of the Byronic looks that Benedict has -- and the coat
There's much psychological depth to Adams's story which is rare in most novels, moving neatly beyond surface experiences to analyze engrained habits, belief systems, and how they permeate both personal and political worlds: "Adams was never the self-confident rebel, the Byronic hero, he projected.
Willoughby may be determined to go out with a flourish, but it is not a Byronic flourish; as an engaged man, he instantly becomes less Byronic--no longer "Willoughby" in the gothic-romance style affected by Isabella Thorpe ("'Indeed, Morland, I must drive you away'" [120]), but just another John.
BYRONIC MAN: Moore opens the scoring BRAD ALL OVER: Crewe's Brad Inman made it 2-0 to the visitors
But the Byronic locks and youthful angst are long gone - and it turns out Liverpool played a major role in Rob Newman's reincar nation.