Byzantine Greek

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Noun1.Byzantine Greek - the Greek language from about 600 to 1200 ADByzantine Greek - the Greek language from about 600 to 1200 AD
Greek, Hellenic, Hellenic language - the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family of languages
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He also suggested that Frazee "apply for permission to become bi-ritual" in the Byzantine Greek rite.
Hagia Sophia, or Aya Sofya was designed by the Greek professor of geometry Anthemios of Tralles and one of the main Byzantine Greek architects Isidoros of Miletus in 532-537.
Besides, the section also boasts of a rare enamelled and gilt glass bottle from 13th century Syria decorated with unique bilingual Arabic and Byzantine Greek inscriptions and applied small animal shapes, oriental rugs and over 20 pieces of Ottomon Turkish pottery.
Veering only slightly from his line of books on food in classical times, he translates a 10th-century AD Byzantine Greek farming manual that was written for Emperor Constantine Prophyrogenitus, one of a series of such distillations he commissioned.
She provides both the original version, in Byzantine Greek, and its translation into the vernacular, as well as English translations of them on facing pages.