Byzantine style

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(Arch.) a style of architecture developed in the Byzantine empire.
- P. Cyc.

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The icon is a 300-year-old image of Jesus, produced in the Byzantine style in the Heraclidios monastery near Nicosia, which produced icons for most of the churches in Cyprus in the 18th century.
Although constructed in the early 20th century, the cathedral was built in the Byzantine style.
This magnificent mosque, with its pillars and walls decorated in the Byzantine style, is also famous for its spacious courtyard and its unique spiral, "ziggurat" minaret.
Stephen's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Calgary asked Wallis to design in a Byzantine style.
The earliest images of this event from the 13th and the beginning of the 14th centuries (including Giotto's) combine the flatness of the Byzantine style with the preliminary suggestion of three-dimensional space that would come to characterize Western painting.
by the sisters, a new parish church in the Byzantine style was built and dedicated to Our Lady of the Atonement.