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A widely used object-oriented programming language based on C.

[From ++, name of an operator in the language, and from the use of the plus sign to indicate enhancement.]

C, c


n., pl. Cs C's, cs c's for 1-4.
1. the third letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
2. any spoken sound represented by this letter.
3. something shaped like a C.
4. a written or printed representation of the letter C or c.


1. Gram. complement.
2. consonant.
3. coulomb.
4. county (used with a number to designate a county road): C55.


1. the third in order or in a series.
2. (sometimes l.c.) (in some grading systems) a grade or mark indicating fair or average quality.
a. the tonic note of the C major scale.
b. a tonality having C as the tonic.
c. a written or printed note representing this tone.
d. (in the fixed system of solmization) the first tone of the scale of C major, called do.
e. the tonality having C as the tonic note.
f. a symbol indicating quadruple time and appearing after the clef sign on a musical staff.
4. (sometimes l.c.) the Roman numeral for 100.
5. a powerful high-level computer programming language suitable for creating operating systems and complex applications.
6. Celsius.
7. centigrade.
8. capacitance.
9. carbon.
a. cysteine.
b. cytosine.
11. Also, C-note. Slang. a hundred-dollar bill.


1. Optics. candle.
2. (with a year) about: c1775.
[< Latin circā, circiter, circum]
3. curie.
4. cycle.


1. the velocity of light in a vacuum: approximately 186,000 miles per second or 299,793 km per second.
2. the velocity of sound.


1. Calorie.
2. Cape.
3. Catholic.
4. College.
5. colon.
6. Congress.
7. Conservative.


1. calorie.
2. Optics. candle.
3. carat.
4. Baseball. catcher.
5. cent.
6. centavo.
7. Football. center.
8. centigrade.
9. centime.
10. centimeter.
11. century.
12. chapter.
13. (with a year) about: c. 1775.
[< Latin circā]
14. cognate.
15. copyright.
16. cubic.
17. cycle.

C + +

a high-level computer programming language, a descendant of C, with the ability to manipulate object-oriented features.
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For graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in working on simulation problems in applied graph theory, Salleh and Abas explain simulation using the C++ programming language and applying it to some common problems in graph theory.
It was extended as the C++ programming language with the help of Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist, that added to it the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) paradigm [2].
Bell Labs has a the past of originality and its researchers are credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device(CCD), information theory, the UNIX operating system, the C programming language, S programming language and the C++ programming language.
He covers a brief review of the C++ programming language, basic building blocks, lattice models for option pricing, the Black/Scholes world, finite difference methods, implied volatility and volatility smiles, Monte Carlo simulation, and the Heath/Jarrow/Morton model.
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of Greenwich, UK) have written this introductory text for C++ programming language use in the field of image recognition for computer science students who already have a firm understanding of calculus and partial differential equations.
The primary purpose of the study was to determine if a treatment that concentrates on building programs from previously written modules can improve the decomposition processes of novice programmers in the C++ programming language and, hence, programming performance.
Sony says the development kit, which allows Aibo movements to be written in the C++ programming language, is intended for non-commercial use.
Today's product updates make it possible for users of Cerebellum products to graphically build real-time integration of relational, legacy and SAP(R) R/3 System data into applications developed using Java, EJB components and the C++ programming language.
Bjarne Stroustrup is known for the creation and the development of the widely used C++ programming language.
This two-semester undergraduate textbook introduces the basic elements of the C++ programming language and a problem-solving methodology for object-oriented programming which identifies components as objects then combines data and the operations on that data in a single unit called a class.