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 (kăd′mən) Died c. 680.
Anglo-Saxon poet, considered the earliest English poet. According to Bede, he was an elderly herdsman who received the power of song in a vision.


(Biography) 7th century ad, Anglo-Saxon poet and monk, the earliest English poet whose name survives


(ˈkæd mən)

fl. A.D. c670, Anglo-Saxon religious poet.
References in classic literature ?
For here it was that Caedmon, the "Father of English Song," lived and died.
One night Caedmon crept away as usual, and went "out of the house where the entertainment was, to the stable, where he had to take care of the horses that night.
Awakening from his sleep, Caedmon remembered all that he had sung in his dream.
In the morning, full of his wonderful new gift, Caedmon went to the steward who was set over him, and told him of the vision that he had had during the night.
Ballads, 'Beowulf,' Caedmon, Bede (Latin prose), Cynewulf.