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Noun1.C-ration - a canned field ration issued by the United States Army
field ration - rations issued for United States troops in the field
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but a demonstration of my C-ration can opener and a hilarious demonstration of WWII dances (the "hands-knees-and-boomps-a-daisy" and "hokey-cokey").
While cigarette smoking may have been the norm in the old military -- in a time when cigarettes were included in soldiers' C-ration boxes -- today's active-duty service members seem to have shifted to using smokeless tobacco.
They eliminated these problems with battlefield innovation: placing a C-ration can on the belt feed to reduce the rate of fire and replacing the ammunition-storage cans with boxes five times larger.
You stand in her muddy boots as she peers into a field hospital tent for the first time and sees stretchers laid across footlockers for operating tables, flashlights for operating lights, scalpels soaking in old C-Ration can filled with disinfectant.
I knew only what was necessary to do my job: how to fire and clean my rifle, how to apply a pressure bandage to a sucking chest wound, how to make a stove from an empty C-ration can.