C. elegans

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C. el·e·gans

 (sē′ ĕl′ə-gănz)
A nematode (Caenorhabditis elegans) that was the first animal whose genome was completely sequenced and is widely studied by researchers because it has a small genome and transparent skin.
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To describe how genetic analyses can be used to solve biological questions using C.
Nine years in the making, the study used a translucent, 1,000-cell worm called C.
The study describes how a specific folate receptor, FOLR-1, in C.
Paraquat, a superoxide generator, induces an acute oxidative stress and causes rapid death of C.
Dr Tarja Kinnunen yesterday delivered a public lecture that outlined the bene-fits of studying the worm, named Caernorhabditis elegans or C.
The Si elegans EU FP7 project aims to develop a high performance computational system for accurate emulation of the C.
Additionally, it is possible to translate the resulting knowledge from this tiny model organism into human physiology and disorders, because more than 35% of human genes are shared with C.
This organism has a naturally short lifespan but the mechanisms which increase its longevity, identified in previous studies of C.
Continuous monitoring of movementbehaviour requires automatic recognition of the line body shape for C.