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a.1.(Gram.) Of or pertaining to case; as, a casal ending.
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I was then something of a soldier, and I threw myself at Casal into the arquebuscades, to show that I rode on horseback as well as an officer.
Created in 1939, Casal Garcia is Aveleda's second brand and has today become the best-selling Vinho Verde in the world.
The extent of the problem Portugal faced a generation ago is brought home by former Casal Ventoso drug addict Diogo Pereira, 50.
The graphical development has gone through renowned illustrators like Ricardo Cavolo, Pablo Auladell, Violeta Lopiz, Mikel Casal and Marina Anaya.
He needs to choose well," Casal said via the (http://www.
And Casal, who mentored and coached a teenage Murray during his years at the Sanchez-Casal academy in Barcelona, feels the Scot has to start working smarter in 2015.
The coaches who work here include former doubles champions Emilio Sanchez and Sergio Casal.
Casal said that from now on, "police officers in Buenos Aires will not use rubber-coated bullets in sports events".
Casal is not only a powerful singer but also a powerful woman as she battled cancer twice and won.
C'est la bonne nouvelle de la journee: "il continue d'y avoir enormement d'interet pour la dette espagnole", souligne Javier Casal, specialiste de la dette publique chez la maison de courtage Ahorro Corporacion.
Thousands of people were seen taking to the streets of Casal di Principe, Naples, Italy, to watch the bride as she travelled to the church in a vintage car to tie the knot with Ferdinand Pucci in the veil made from 3.
Steele is the project lead for CAL's Annual Survey of Army Leadership, known as CASAL.