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S el sintagma sujeto gramatical P el sintagma predicado gramatical O el objeto o complemento directo A el complemento agente D el sintagma destinatario o complemento indirecto L el sintagma locativo o complemento de lugar T el sintagma temporal o complemento de tiempo M el sintagma modal o complemento de modo CAUS el sintagma causal o complemento de causa FIN el sintagma final o complemento de finalidad CONC el complemento concesivo COND el complemento condicional PH los sintagmas pseudohipotacticos en forma de gerundio, de infinitivo preposicional o de oracion relativa con pronombre neutro, pero con funcion de frase coordinada ("La mayoria de los inmigrantes se dedicaban a la agricultura, llegando a ser muy estimados" = ".
Why would CAUS give away access to such costly infrastructure?
The CAUS allows newcomers to enter this market space intelligently and confidently without fear of compromising loan origination and referral relationships.
On November 9, 1995, the CAUS agreed with the Competent Authority of Germany (CAG) that decedent's domicile had been Germany, thus giving Germany the primary right to tax the estate's worldwide assets under the Treaty.
There is no such thing as a mass market," said Walch of CAUS.
The psychology is soft, gentle, humble," said Walch, associate director of CAUS, who used works of art from Mark Rothko to Pierre Bonnard to illustrate the evolution of key color movements.
A lot of people have described the '90s as a rerun of the '70s because of the interest in beige and earth tones," says Margaret Walch, associate director for CAUS.
Tenders are invited for CAUS WAY CAM CHECK DAM -2 UNIT
Considering this, a survey was sent to CAUS members to determine what methods were used to teach technical skills, how trainees were evaluated, and what the remediation requirements were for trainees who had not met the predetermined requirements for their level of training.