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Noun1.CD-WO - a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory
compact disc, compact disk, CD - a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record; played back by a laser
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Users will appreciate the fact that the CD-948E is compatible with most major types of optical media, including: CD-Audio, CD-ROM (modes 1 and 2), CD-ROM/XA (mode 2, forms 1 and 2), CD-I, Photo-CD (single and multiple sessions), video CD, CD-Extra, and I-Trax CD, CD-RW, and CD-WO.
These include Red Book/Digital Audio, Yellow Book/CD-ROM, Green Book/CD-Interactive, Orange Book/CD-MO and CD-WO, Orange Book/CD-R, White Book/Video CD, and ISO 9060 Logical File Formats.