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Noun1.CD8 cell - T cell with CD8 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and binds to the infected cell and kill it
T cell, T lymphocyte - a small lymphocyte developed in the thymus; it orchestrates the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells
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Even the live attenuated vaccines which looked the most hopeful, and are halted in development because of safety concerns, may not be protective when one considers recent reports of people with HIV getting super-infected with a second strain and individuals getting infected despite a good specific CD8 cell mediated T cell immune response against the very strain they eventually got infected with.
The results of the long-term follow-up study suggest that long-term treatment of HIV-1 infection with REMUNE as a monotherapy is safe and results in a stabilization of CD4 cell counts and increases in CD8 cell counts and body weight.
Serial analysis of blood samples from the treated animals showed an average 63% increase in CD4 counts and an 88% increase in CD8 cell counts in response to the drug.
The data suggest the study group can be subdivided into responder and non-responder classes, as measured by CD4 and CD8 cell count increases or decreases, respectively.
The potential of Product R to mitigate the toxicity of other drugs appears to be an added benefit to the drug's apparent basic therapeutic properties in AIDS patients that may include the enhancement of CD4 and CD8 cell counts and reduced HIV viral loads.
Patients in the study will be monitored for viral load as well as immune response parameters such as CD4 and CD8 cell counts.
and CD8 cell enumeration kits for most markets in the United States.
In this study, the researchers hypothesized that the CD8 cells of patients with chronic HIV might have reached the end of their replicative lifespan due to persistent viral stimulation and increased rounds of CD8 cell division.
Flow cytometric immunophenotyping results before and after human papillomavirus vaccination in a patient with splenectomy * Cell type (reference range) Results before vaccination ([dagger]) CD3 cell count Absolute (690-2,540 cells/[micro]L) 2,729 cells/[micro]L Relative (55%-84%) 50% CD4 cell count Absolute (410-1,590 cells/[micro]L) 602 cells/[micro]l Relative (31%-60%) 11% CD8 cell count Absolute (190-1,140 cells/[micro]l) 2,149 cells/[micro]L 40% Relative (13%-41%) CD4/CD8 ratio (0.
14) To underpin this proposal, he cites two studies-an ex vivo analysis and in vitro model of CD8 cells showing close correlation between activation level and CD8 cell differentiation (as an indicator of "replicative senescence") (15) and a comparison of CD4- and CD8-cell markers in 20 fast progressors and 40 slow progressors linking "a shift in the T-cell population toward an aged conformation" in people with more advanced infection.
Multivitamins also led to significantly higher CD4 and CD8 cell counts, significantly lower viral loads, significantly fewer oral and gastrointestinal manifestations, and significantly reduced RR of progression to stage 3 or greater disease (RR 0.
It was recognised from the earliest reports of AIDS that the CD4 cell depletion was also accompanied by a CD8 cell increase (with a resulting inversion of the normal CD4/CD8 ratio).