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1. central.
2. century.
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The CEN cameras will provide a bird's eye view of thrilling rides such as the new Transformers: The Ride-3D, and The Revenge of the Mummy, one of the world's scariest indoor roller coasters.
CEN, China's electronics information leader, hosted the "2009 China FPGA Industry Development Forum" during the 2009 China (Chengdu) Electronics Fair, and established the FPGA awards to recognize and support FPGA vendors who have made outstanding contributions and achieved major breakthroughs.
CEN's founder, Mary Marr, presented the organization's mission, along with CEN spokesperson Tom Bowen, who served with the Search & Recovery Teams at the World Trade Center disaster under the auspices of FEMA Urban Search and Rescue.
Powers, MS, BSN, RN, MICP, CEN Pleasant Hill, California
the resolution to approve entry into the joint venture with Monument Mining Limited ("Monument") is passed at the CEN general meeting scheduled to be held on Wednesday, 26 June 2013; and
TMS normalized depression-related hyperconnectivity between the subgenual cingulate and medial prefrontal areas of the DMN, but did not alter connectivity in the CEN.
Offer increased to 1 cent per CEN share plus 1 RUM share for every 13 CEN shares(Note:1)
Joan Somes, PhD, MSN, RNC, NREMT-P, CEN, CPEN, FAEN Staff Nurse, Department Educator, St.
This is why the European Commission decided in 2009 to issue a formal request (Mandate 453) to CEN and ETSI, asking them to prepare a coherent set of standards, specifications and guidelines to support the implementation and deployment of Co-operative ITS systems across Europe.
Building on the success of its 40-nm product portfolio, Altera has further strengthened its leadership position across all customer types and varied industries," said Ren Aiqing, deputy editor-in-chief, CEN.
During the Third Framework programme, an AIM-CEN Workshop on the Medical Record took place, where relevant AIM (Advanced Informatics in Medicine) projects and CEN project teams could exchange interim results.
This action will explore the utilisation of photocatalyst indicator inks in a CEN standard for the rapid testing of the activities of various different self-cleaning surfaces, including: glass, tiles, paints, fabrics and concrete.