chronic granulomatous disease

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chron·ic gran·u·lom·a·tous dis·ease

n. encefalomielitis, enfermedad que puede ser fatal causada por inmuno deficiencia y grave deficiencia de leucocitos.
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In addition, we'll be able to leverage our current CGD development efforts in the United States and regulatory and commercial development efforts for ACTIMMUNE(R) in Japan for multiple-drug resistant tuberculosis," stated W.
MoPNG has been aggressively pursuing the rollout of CGD networks across the country so as to maximize the reach of CNG for transport and PNG for domestic households.
PT Group, the primary customer of TRADECOM's e-commerce marketplace, as well as partners BES and CGD are already taking steps with major suppliers to encourage commercial transactions through this new e-marketplace.
Apart from CGD, the agency threatened to also reduce the credit rating of the other financial institutions in the country.
Under the contract, CGD and other defense industry experts will develop technology to create wide-spectrum readiness capabilities that are architecture, network and domain agnostic.
The ratings on the short- and long-term debts of CGD remained unchanged.
BGL has authorization from PNGRB to set up CGD network at Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kakinada cities of AP for four major sectors; domestic, commercial, industrial and transportation.
Bill Toti, president, CGD, said, As a leading provider of LVCG training in the operational domain at mission readiness centres around the world, Cubic continues to expand our support into the institutional education domain and leadership development in preparing the warfighter for decisive action operations.
Fitch utilized a blend of the managed curve and pool factor extrapolations to arrive at a CGD proxy of 9.
In his new role, Carr will focus on internal CGD operations, programme execution and strategic growth activities.
Moreover, backed by increasing number of vehicles, growing population and increasing urbanization, the country's CGD network is anticipated to grow at a robust pace over the next five years.
The brokerage firm believes the company's strong CGD network offers good demand potential due to lower CNG, residential PNG penetration and increased usage of gas for industrial volumes.