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also cire  (sĭ-rā′)
Having a highly glazed finish, usually by the application of wax: a ciré shirt; a ciré jacket.

[French, past participle of cirer, to wax, from Latin cērāre; see cerated.]


(Textiles) (of fabric) treated with a heat or wax process to make it smooth
1. (Textiles) such a surface on a fabric
2. (Textiles) a fabric having such a surface
[C20: French, from cirer to wax, from cire, from Latin cēra wax]



1. a brilliant, highly glazed surface produced on fabrics by subjecting them to a wax, heat, and calendering treatment.
2. a fabric with such a finish.
[1920–25; < French < Latin cērātus waxed]
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edu/news/ozone-treaty-taking-bite-out-us-greenhouse-gas-emissions) according to a CIRES release .
Those conditions resulted in 100 percent extinction rates for about 80 percent of all life on Earth," said Robertson, a research scientist at CIRES, which is a joint institute of CU-Boulder and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
The company also has interests in joint venture petrochemical operations, including the Noretyl ethylene cracker at Rafnes Norway (owned jointly with Borealis), operations in Qatar and China as well as a stake in the Portuguese PVC producer CIRES.
Institucion Cantidad No Machos Hembras Determinados Zoocriadero CIRES PERU 4 Zoocriadero Jean de Conick 3 1 Zoocriadero Mundo Silvestre 8 1 1 Parque Zoologico Huachipa 20 2 6 Total 35 4 7
CIRES Director Konrad Steffen, who has maintained more than 20 climate stations in Greenland for nearly two decades, said temperatures have warmed by more than 4 degrees F along the western slope of its ice sheet since 1990.
Chase also developed a predecessor site called CIRES.
Analizaremos los estereotipos en torno a la inmigracion poniendo en relacion dos referentes empiricos: la opinion de la poblacion espanola respecto a los inmigrantes basandonos en el informe sobre la realidad social en Espana 1995-96, de CIRES (1) (1997: 241-320), y los informes sobre la inmigracion en la prensa que realiza semestralmente la Fundacion CIPIE (2).