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Noun1.COMINT - technical and intelligence information derived from foreign communications by other than the intended recipients
SIGINT, signals intelligence - intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence
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The Alpha-3 logs showed us that back in 1965 we were passing this operations-security information over the air in the clear because we underestimated the enemy's COMINT capabilities:
The COMINT summary reported "no change" with respect to the carriers.
8220;Marlborough Communications has proven itself to be a go-the-extra-mile group in every aspect,” said the president of COMINT Consulting.
Airmen of the US Air Force Security Service (USAFSS) created a system to deliver airborne COMINT directly to the cockpits of fighters and bombers, supplying them with unprecedented situational awareness.
Those with an intelligence bent will see analysis applied to COMINT.
The EMARSS modular open-system architecture will leverage investments and developments in other programs for future upgrades to its COMINT and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) sensor and PED capabilities
8220;The Krypto500 will save lives, save time and make delicate missions run smoothly and accurately,” said the President of COMINT Consulting.
12) COMINT derived from space sensors is an additional tool to be added to the terrestrial COMINT systems for the collection of needed intelligence on terrorists in the United States.
Acquisition adds highly complementary precision Geolocation and COMINT capabilities to Six3 Systems' existing offerings
EB Wideband COMINT Sensor for spectrum monitoring, recording, replaying, interception and analysis of wideband signals with remote operation
Every executed CONOP receives FMV and/or COMINT support but the teams' and SOTFs' reliance on FMV as an operational overwatch and their generally casual avoidance of pre-op collection requirements unwittingly handicaps the insertion team.
9) The ELINT and COMINT capabilities--lumped together as "SIGINT"--were becoming critical to support the increasingly technical air war in Southeast Asia.