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1. An arrangement by which subscribers pay a membership fee up front to the operators of a farm or group of farms in exchange for regular shares of produce throughout the growing season.
2. A farm operated under such an arrangement.

[c(ommunity) s(upported) a(griculture).]


Confederate States of America


(in Britain) abbreviation for
(Social Welfare) Child Support Agency


or C.S.A.,

Confederate States of America.
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482-7(f)(1) states that a controlled participants share of IDCs for a CSA must equal its share of reasonably anticipated benefits.
Historically, there's been little effort to unite disparate CSAs, or to universally define what being a CSA truly means.
Lee Hing-Yan, Executive Vice President of CSA APAC, and Hon.
CSA Z662 is incorporated by reference in the National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR) making it a regulation that applies to NEB-regulated oil and gas pipelines.
CSA operations represent only one portion of a farmers diversified marketing strategy.
Through the acquisition, CSA Group said it will bring Taiwan manufacturers stronger industry insights and more local expertise in the field of ITE/AV, hazardous location, plumbing, appliances and gas, lighting, wiring device and wiring cable testing and certification services.
Formalizing that sort of patronage support into an actual CSA model followed naturally.
Techniques for Recruiting and Retaining Shareholders to a CSA
According to Sport24, CSA chairperson Chris Nenzani reiterated their stance, saying that Lorgat himself volunteered to withdraw from matters involving the ICC and the BCCI in his deliberations with the full board at their meeting last Sunday.
While CSA had initially claimed that despite BCCI's concern regarding Lorgat's appointment, the South African board had done the best in cricket's interest, it is now believed that the same CSA has decided to keep Lorgat away from all matters relating to the BCCI and Indian cricket.
We signed Optimus as our authorised training partner exactly a year ago, where they successfully launched and promoted our CCSK programme in the MENA region," said Jim Reavis, Executive Director, CSA.
This rapid expansion left us knowing little about CSA farmers and farms and raised questions about their social, economic and environmental characteristics.