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(ˌkɑ vɑ nɑˈtwɑn)

a city on central Luzon, in the N Philippines. 138,298.
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These values were not only understood by the men who suffered on the Bataan Death March, the survivors at Cabanatuan, the guerrilla and resistance fighters, and the men of the 6th Ranger Battalion, but all these values were put on the line and into practice in the most extreme of situations well before they were written down and taught.
He discusses going to the Philippines, death march and Camp O'Connell, contact with guerrillas, Cabanatuan and Bilibid prisons, prison ship to Japan, slave at Jodogawa, slavery in coal mines, and liberation.
They suffered inhumane conditions at Camp O'Donnell and Cabanatuan prison camps, endured trips to Japan in "hell ships," (2) and were possible victims of sinister Unit 731 (3) chemical and biological warfare tests in Manchuria.
Cabanatuan was divided into Sick Side and Well Side.
18) Ultimately, even the Japanese recognized the potential backlash resulting from Camp O'Donnell and moved the prisoners to Cabanatuan in June 1942, where many more would die before the Rangers executed a successful raid on the camp.
The report said Lauro Javier was arrested Sunday at his home on the outskirts of Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija Province, about 120 kilometers north of Manila.
Cabanatuan, Michael, FasTrak Usage Creeping Along On Local Bridges, San Francisco Chronicle, February 19, 2006.
William B Breuer's book The Great Raid On Cabanatuan provides the inspiration for John Dahl's wartime drama of heroism and sacrifice, set in the Philippines in 1945.
and Filipino troops during combined training at Fort Magsaysay, in Cabanatuan, undertaken as part of Exercise Balikatan 2006.
Whatever they lack in personality, Mucci and Prince make up for in doggedness as they lead 121 mostly novice Rangers and Alamo Scouts 30 miles behind the Japanese lines to the Cabanatuan prison camp, where our boys have been languishing for nearly three years.
In a sad twist of irony, six weeks after Lawton and his group departed Cabanatuan prison for the "hell ships," U.