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Lot 3 maintenance of air conditioning systems in buildings Berthelin-Journet neighborhoods Loubere, Madeleine, of Ceperou villas, the information center and recruitment of the armed forces (CIRFA), the residence of the General and the camp Tiger in Cayenne, Boating Base Stoupan in Matoury, directing the police overseas Cabassou in Remire and operating the Advanced Base area of St Jean du Maroni St Laurent du Maroni.
Realization fences and green spaces on operation called Les Hauts de Cabassou (249 units) located Attila Cabassou road in the town of Remire-Montjoly.
achievement of external works for the transaction called ~Les Hauts de Cabassou~ (249 units) located attila Cabassou road in the town of Remire-Montjoly.
Contract notice: Construction of 46 detached houses of pls, the tops cabassou ~in remire-montjoly.