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(Spanish kaˈβimas)
(Placename) a town in NW Venezuela, on the NE shore of Lake Maracaibo. Pop: 284 000 (2005 est)


(kəˈbi məs)

a city in NW Venezuela, on the E coast of Lake Maracaibo. 165,755.
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Ubak has had nothing but aggravation since his first run but he's a talented horse, Chris Pea Green will run in the Chatteris Fen at Huntingdon next week to see if he's good enough, Cabimas is set for the Coral, Bergo is being aimed at the World Hurdle but has got to get a lot fitter than he is now and Fruity O'Rooney will go for the JLT Handicap Chase.
The company has offices located in Lafayette, LA; Houston, TX; Aberdeen, Scotland; Bogota, Colombia; Cabimas, Venezuela and Cairo, Egypt.
But the region's real wake-up call came in 1922, when the Barroso 2 gusher in the town of Cabimas, on the lake's eastern shore, shot a black column of oil one hundred feet high for ten days, pouring out a million barrels of oil before North American experts arrived and capped it.