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tr.v. de·pres·sur·ized, de·pres·sur·iz·ing, de·pres·sur·iz·es
To reduce the pressure of air or gas within (a chamber or vehicle, for example).

de·pres′sur·i·za′tion (-prĕsh′ər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


[dɪˌpreʃəraɪˈzeɪʃən] Ndespresurización f
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The company is under contract with KAI to provide the fighter's complete environmental control system-including air conditioning, bleed air control and cabin pressurization and liquid cooling-along with the aircraft's air turbine starter and flow control valve.
UKPRwire, Sun Dec 24 2017] According to a new market research report published by Credence Research "Air Management Systems Market (System Type -- Thermal Management, Air Supply, Cabin Pressurization and Temperature Control, Smoke Detection, Fire Suppression and Others (Ventilation, Ice Suppression, etc.
amp;nbsp;There have been instances when there has been a breakdown of life support systems, like the "On-board Oxygen Generating System," or cabin pressurization system.
The new procedure will replace the existing time-consuming process of activating the cabin pressurization system.
The F-15C community has paid particular attention to cabin pressurization and oxygen delivery systems in the aircraft due to reports of an increase in Environmental Control System (ECS), Canopy, and other in-flight emergencies related to hypoxia symptoms.
Some of the Dreamliner's main benefits include extra legroom, more storage space for carry-on luggage, bigger windows that can be dimmed at the touch of a button, an entertainment system with individual touchscreens featuring 20 movies and 36 TV series, improved cabin pressurization to reduce fatigue and ease jet-lag effects, Sky Interior LED lighting, and new menus to enhance the inflight dining experience, among others.
Early detection is the key to cabin pressurization failures and that's precisely the purpose of the $399 Aviation Technology AltAlert personal cabin pressure sensor.
The NTSB accident report for the Learjet crash states the probable cause as, "Incapacitation of the flight crew-members as a result of their failure to receive supplemental oxygen following a loss of cabin pressurization, for undetermined reasons.
Sometimes the incidents are due to a pilot becoming incapacitated by a heart attack or stroke, but more often the problem is insufficient cabin pressurization that causes the pilot and any passengers to pass out, he said.
With the arrival of the new 787 aircraft, the airline will meet the demand of the Spanish market, offering 243 seats - 32 in First Class with 180-degree reclining [ETH] with more space between seats, new individual entertainment systems and an improvement in cabin pressurization, among other features.
Engineers test "bleed air," a traditional conduit of air from the engines used for cabin pressurization and de-icing.
ECMO-1 requested the tanker descend to a lower altitude because the procedure called for flying no higher than 25,000 feet without cabin pressurization.