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A territory of Angola forming an exclave on the Atlantic Ocean between the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was separated from Angola proper when the Congo Free State (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) acquired a corridor to the sea along the lower Congo River.


(Placename) an exclave of Angola, separated from the rest of the country by part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pop: about 300 000 (2002 est). Area: 7270 sq km (2807 sq miles)


(kəˈbin də)

an exclave of Angola, on the W coast of Africa. 114,000; 2807 sq. mi. (7270 sq. km).
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At the last session in Cabinda in November last year, the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers approved a memorandum on the career structure and retirement of officials from ministerial departments that were merged, demerged or extinguished.
07 million loan agreement for the Cabinda Province Agriculture Value Chains Development Project.
and the Angolan Government to develop a multi-purpose deep-water port in the Northern Province of Cabinda, in Angola; Port of Caio (PoC).
She grew up in Angola or, rather, in Cabinda, a province cut off from Angola by a strip of land along the Congo River which is owned by the Democratic Republic of the Congo Both Angola and Cabinda were once part of the Portuguese Empire but after Angola won independence from Portugal in 1974 and following a subsequent bloody civil war, many in Cabinda agitated for independence.
Capoinvest Limited, the private investor in the Porto do Caio Project in Cabinda, has signed an investment agreement with the Angolan Government, represented by UTIP (Technical Unit for Private Investment), officially listing it as a foreign investor in the Project.
It was not until 1966 that Angola's true oil-producing potential was realised with the discovery of substantial reserves off the coast of Cabinda.
This is a nickname that the Angolan province of Cabinda shares with Equatorial Guinea.
Asi, en este trabajo se abordan las acciones (entendidas como decisiones o resistencias) de actores subestatales, como en el caso de Cabinda, en Africa y de actores supraestatales, como la Celac en America Latina.
This initial LNG production was confirmed by the company's subsidiary, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited.
25 September 2012 - UK oil and gas company Soco International plc (LON:SIA) unveiled on Tuesday a conditional agreement to sell its 80% stake in subsidiary Soco Cabinda Limited.
The main expansion of the country's upstream oil industry came in the late 1960s when the Cabinda Gulf Oil Co.
The workshop featured participants from the provinces of Luanda, Bengo, Cabinda, Moxico, Malanje, Kwanza Norte, UEaA[degrees]ge, Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte and Zaire.