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A territory of Angola forming an exclave on the Atlantic Ocean between the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was separated from Angola proper when the Congo Free State (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) acquired a corridor to the sea along the lower Congo River.


(Placename) an exclave of Angola, separated from the rest of the country by part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pop: about 300 000 (2002 est). Area: 7270 sq km (2807 sq miles)


(kəˈbin də)

an exclave of Angola, on the W coast of Africa. 114,000; 2807 sq. mi. (7270 sq. km).
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Further complicating the political situation is the MPLA's intermittent genocidal war against separatist factions in the occupied territory of Cabinda, which it has been waging since Angola's independence in 1975.
More than 30 years after striking oil, Angola's fabulously productive Cabinda enclave has yet to join the rich man's club.
The exploration license, located in the Cabinda province, covers an area of 1,125km2 and is operated by Devon Energy (30%) and other partners include Repsol (25%), Sonangol (20%) and Petrogal (20%).
Seventeen religious groups remained banned in Cabinda on charges of practicing harmful exorcism rituals on adults and children accused of witchcraft, illegally holding religious services in residences, and not being registered.
today announced that its Angolan subsidiary, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd.
NYSE: SII) announced today that M-I SWACO has been awarded a substantial multi services contract inclusive of drilling and completion fluids, drilling waste management, filtration, wellbore clean up tools, vessel cleaning and related services by Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited, a subsidiary of Chevron.
Heerema said DSME, together with Chevron's Cabinda Gulf Oil Co.
If all competitors were obliged to travel by air, it seems extraordinary that tournament officials were not preparing a welcome for one of the competition's star teams at Cabinda airport and would have asked on which flight it would be arriving.
Group B gets under way with this clash at the Estadio Chimandela in Cabinda, Angola with the Elephants one of the favourites to win the tournament.
The team was attacked by gunmen as their bus made its way from a training camp in the Republic of Congo to the venue in Cabinda City.