public-access television

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pub′lic-ac`cess tel′evision

1. a noncommercial system of broadcasting on television channels made available to independent or community groups.
2. one or more channels on cable television that by law are reserved for noncommercial broadcasting by members of the public.
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Paul spent many years in the local cable access television industry.
The Full Disclosure Network [R] is an Emmy Award-winning public affairs cable access television program that can be viewed on community and public cable channels throughout California and in major cities across the nation as well as on the world-wide Internet at http://www.
It also encourages antiabortion activists to take the material from the site to local cable access television stations.
THIRTY-TWO YEARS AGO Ralph Lee Smith published an influential appeal concerning the future of cable access television (CATV) in the pages of The Nation.
For the first time, residents weighed in on the issues and participated in the discussions via the city's Web site and by watching local cable access television.
Instead, he produced a local cable access television show called InternetTV.
The television program was produced and funded by CityView Channel 35, the city of Los Angeles cable access television station.
Once the work is completed, the museum will be filming public service announcements for local Cable Access Television.
iSat) an international provider of turnkey broadband Internet service to the cable industry, has agreed to resell Fusion Networks' suite of Internet portal software, technology and content to Cable Access Television (CATV) operators for use in broadband Internet content delivery throughout the Americas, Mexico and the Caribbean.
Newly-elected Selectman John Hadley made it one of his election goals to see more of the town's board and committee meetings on cable access television.
The video, which will be shown on local cable access television, provides information on how to prevent and report illegal dumping, encouraging specific action by citizens, neighborhood groups, and government.
West Boylston Cable Access Television Studio was seeking public donations to continue to provide the quality programming it had provided during the station's first year in operation.