Cable tier

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That part of a vessel where the cables are stowed.
A coil of a cable.

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Live Streaming Transcoder TXS 8600 The TXS 8600 offers high-density, multi-profile encoding and transcoding for real-time adaptive bit rate video-streaming and is ideal for delivering live events to millions of simultaneous over-the-top (OTT) viewers and building virtual multichannel cable tier offerings for OTT video services.
Charter initially expects to launch the network on its expanded basic cable tier in time for Saturday's Big Ten college football openers.
So the reality is, it's just one big blue commercial for the team, and one more way to lure subscribers to the company's digital cable tier of pay channels.
An additional obstacle for start-ups is that new channels would be added to the digital cable tier, which currently has a national reach of only about 30 percent of cable subscribers.
WAPA America recently launched on Bright House Network's Digital Cable tier (channel 63) in Orlando, Florida and will soon launch on Time Warner's New York City system and Bright House Network's Tampa system.
In addition to the 20-25 channels that customers receive on the Basic Cable Tier, Comcast's Family Tier will include:
and tape delayed to the rest of the country, had Sanchez facing Sacramento's Otis Griffin, who emerged as the winner among the 12 contestants from de la Hoya's show that first began on Fox and was moved to the FSN sports cable tier because of low ratings.
The episodes, televised exclusively on the Music Choice network's free video-on-demand service within Comcast's digital cable tier in Chicago, will be hosted by renowned local radio personalities Crazy Howard McGee or Tony Sculfield.
Multiple Decryption Receiver for Content Distribution to Digital Tier With its blend of small size and big performance, the new Model D9828(TM) MDR packs the ability for 16-program decryption, plus digital program mapping to support dynamic content delivery to the digital cable tier, into a 1RU configuration.
Cable companies promise they will not go wild Thursday when the Federal Communications Commission stops regulating prices for all but limited basic packages - the cheapest cable tier that includes broadcast channels, public access and a few other channels.
Viewers in all of the new Raycom stations, as well as Tribune Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group and other television markets will be able to receive the network free, over the air on television sets equipped with digital tuners and on the digital cable tier where available.
Dan Sweeney, senior vice president, distribution, Buzztime Entertainment, said: "Buzztime's ability to tap into the NTN Network's restaurants and sports bars as a promotional tool and to host local competitions plus the fact that you can't duplicate the same real-time, multiplayer experience on DBS brings considerable value to operators looking for a unique in- and out-of- home entertainment experience to strengthen their digital cable tier offerings.