Cabo San Lucas

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Ca·bo San Lu·cas

 (kä′bō sän lo͞o′kəs, -käs)
A town of western Mexico near Cape San Lucas at the southern end of Baja California. It is a popular vacation resort.
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The Baja California rattlesnake, Crotalus enyc occurs over most of the Baja peninsula from the vicinity of Cabo Colonet in the northwest, south to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur and on associated islands in the Gulf of California (Beaman and Grismer 1994).
CABO SAN LUCAS, Baja California Sur, Mexico--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct.
nigricans in a marine upper Miocene or Pliocene deposit in Baja California Sur is not surprising because it has been the most common billfish identified in Neogene deposits bordering the eastern North Pacific Ocean from southern California to Panama (Fierstine and Applegate 1968; Fierstine and Welton 1988; Fierstine, 1999), and it is commonly caught off Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur today.