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1. A highly polished, convex-cut, unfaceted gem.
2. A convex style of cutting gems.
In a highly polished, convex-cut, unfaceted style: a sapphire that was cut cabochon.

[French, from Old North French, augmentative of caboche, head; see cabbage.]


(ˈkæbəˌʃɒn; French kabɔʃɔ̃)
(Jewellery) a smooth domed gem, polished but unfaceted
[C16: from Old French, from Old Norman French caboche head; see cabbage1]


(ˈkæb əˌʃɒn, -ˌʃɔ̃)

1. a gemstone, usu. round or oval, cut so as to have a domed surface that is polished but not faceted.
2. the style of cutting a stone so.
3. in the form of a cabochon: a turquoise cut cabochon.
4. cut in the form of a cabochon.
[1570–80; < Middle French, derivative of caboche head]
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Noun1.cabochon - a highly polished gem that is cut convexly but without facets
gemstone, gem, stone - a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry; "he had the gem set in a ring for his wife"; "she had jewels made of all the rarest stones"
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lubrication and fitting of nuts protections cabochons.
Si la tradition de l'orfevrerie s'est conservee dans de nombreux villages, il demeure que le centre de fabrication le plus important est constitue par les petits villages celebres par leurs bijoux d'argent ornes de cabochons de corail et surtout par la technique des emaux filigranes, technique savante dont on pense qu'elle aurait ete introduire au 15e siecle par les emigres andalous ayant rejoint le royaume de Bejaia.
presents the work of David Horste of DVH designs, a custom lapidary source for designer focal beads and cabochons.
Some of the categories of items offered in the company's huge catalog include: beads, bead caps, chains, cabochons and stones, findings, settings and stampings.
This can be used to the faker's advantage to produce larger cabochons or beads, known as ambroids.
This opulent mirror is richly ornamented with crisply carved foliage, flowers and scrolls, and delicate lacquerwork with mother of pearl inlays and cabochons of faux lapis.
Also to be exhibited are two Punic amphorae, a lamp, plate and ivory cabochons that were found atop the tomb and with the skeleton.
She gets two gifts in one with this 18K yellow gold Italian-crafted cushion pin studded with sapphire cabochons (1.
com)-- America's favorite online shopping source for gemstones of all kinds is now offering the most stunning range of cabochons through its website.
Following the GIA course and assembling the intellectual and manual skills to pursue her passion, Leena studied jewelry design theory and artistry, how to illustrate shape, form, and texture of metal and render faceted gems, cabochons, and pearls and apply traditional drafting techniques to designing jewelry.
Dome-shaped cabochons display the color of opaque and translucent gems, revealing iridescence, play of light, and effects such as "stars" and "cat's eyes.
Beckham, who flew in from Los Angeles, was wearing head-to-toe black to match Webster's design which is made from rhodium-plated white gold, with ruby cabochons, white diamond wings, a silver diamond tail and a black diamond band.