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or ca·bo·clo (kə-bô′klo͞o, -klō)
n. pl. Ca·bo·clos or ca·bo·clos
A person of mixed Brazilian Indian and European or African ancestry.

[Portuguese, of Tupian origin.]
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Johnson 0-2, Caboclo 0-2, Ross 0-4), Boston 8-30 (Thornton 3-5, Smart 2-6, Turner 1-3, Bradley 1-3, Green 1-5, Olynyk 0-2, Pressey 0-3, Sullinger 0-3).
The Raptors have some new guys to introduce after signing the Brazilian pair of center Lucas Nogueira and forward Bruno Caboclo.
She focuses on the symbolism and function of ritual objects and costumes used in the Brazilian Candomble (miniature "African" environments or temples) of the Bahia region, which combine Yoruba, Bantu/Angola, Caboclo, Roman Catholic, and/or Kardecist/Spiritist elements.
Faroeste Caboclo (Brazilian Western), directed by Rene Sampaio
Attached to a wooden door near the main entrance was a large, multicoloured, sparkly jacket worn by the caboclo de lanca, the central figure of rural maracatu in Pernambuco (see Note 1).
The Amazonian caboclo and the acai palm forest farmers in the global market.
With our current brands Pilao and Caboclo, we already have a relevant market position in the central regions of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which account for roughly half of the total Brazilian coffee market.
A visao do caboclo que nao teve envolvimento com o cativeiro era mais distante.
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Society's division into White, Black, and Indian and considered biologically and culturally distinct races, did not generate synthesis but a subdivision of crossbred and distinct subraces classified as caboclo, mulato, mameluco, cafusos, etc.
Em Postinho, o ethos caboclo se manifesta nas tradicoes, na posse e uso da terra, no modo de trabalho/producao e na sociabilidade.