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Noun1.Cacatua - a genus of PsittacidaeCacatua - a genus of Psittacidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Psittacidae, Psittacidae - coextensive with the order Psittaciformes
cockatoo - white or light-colored crested parrot of the Australian region; often kept as cage birds
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SEIBERT (2007) relata tratamento em cacatua (Cacatua moluccensis) utilizando o haloperidol pela via oral, na dose de 0,2mg [kg.
Tenia una hermosa cabellera plateada que se le adelantaba en la frente como el penacho de una cacatua, y sus ojos azules, vivos y estrechos, revelaban la mansedumbre del hombre que ha leido todos los libros.
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) of Wild Fauna and Flora and DENR Administrative Order Number 2004-15 listed Philippine Hawk Eagle or Spizaetus philippensis as vulnerable, Philippine Serpent Eagle or Spilormis holospilus as endangered, and Crested Serpent Eagle or Spilomis cheela as endangered, Umbrella Cockatoo or Cacatua alba as endangered, and Brown Dove or Zenaida macroura as Other Wildlife Species (OWS).
Recovery within a population of the critically endangered citron-crested cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata in Indonesia after 10 years of international trade control.
When they are shooting birds, Captain Collins makes fun of Captain Phillip, a commissioned Governor-in-Chief of New South Wales by saying that "And that, over there on the Eucalyptus, is a flock of Cacatua galerita--the sulphur-crested cockatoo.
When I first met James Purdy, despite his crabapple appearance, he was the very model of Old World politeness: tall and greyhound thin, with quick, playful blue eyes and a head of unruly silver hair that at times imitated the sprightly crest of an exotic bird, genus Cacatua, perhaps.
Otro de los comerciales trata acerca de las dificultades de la cacatua de Nueva Guinea a la hora del apareamiento.
12[degrees]38'S, 143[degrees]05'E], 9 October 1998, nest of Cacatua galerita [Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo], S.
Otra obra que recuerdo con mucho afecto es La cacatua verde con Marta Luna dirigiendo; el juego de la forma con toda la ironia que puede manejar un actor fue la gran ensenanza.
Keepers at the Birmingham Nature Centre discovered the two endangered cacatua sulphurea birds worth pounds 3,500 a pair missing from their home on Saturday morning.
The birds - scientific name Cacatua Sulphurea - are described as having white feathers, with a yellow crest, grey feet, and are 33cm tall.