Cacodylic acid

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a white, crystalline, deliquescent substance, (CH3)2AsO.OH, obtained by the oxidation of cacodyl, and having the properties of an exceedingly stable acid; - also called alkargen.

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5% glutaraldehyde in cacodylate buffer at 4 [degrees]C, rinsed with cacodylate buffer and post-fixed in 1% osmium tetroxide.
The key painting in this context is L'Oeil cacodylate (The Cacodylic Eye), 1921, a canvas signed by Picabia's friends when they came to visit him as he recovered in seclusion from an eye ailment.
For instance, the room on 'anti-painting' contained Francis Picabia's L'oeil Cacodylate (1921), a painting full of other artist's signatures.
After dissection of three males in ice-cold cacodylate buffer their genital systems were fixed in 3.
Merrick helped out a country doctor: assisting in appendectomies; giving injections, often of thiamine or sodium cacodylate, to those complaining of chronic fatigue; and making house calls, during which he diagnosed diseases like malaria and oculoglandular tularemia.
02% picric acid in cacodylate buffer overnight at 4[degrees]C and washed three times with the cacodylate buffer followed by fixation in a solution containing 1% osmium tetroxide and 1.
To capture images of microorganisms and obtain clear pictures, a glutaraldehyde in sodium cacodylate pretreatment, for fixation and dehydration of living organisms, was used for the respective samples (27).
After centrifugation, the resulting hemocyte pellet was suspended in 1 mL cacodylate buffer (0.