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One of the seven hills of ancient Rome. The most southeasterly of the hills, it was densely populated until much of it was devastated by a fire in ad 27.

Cae′li·an adj.


(Placename) the southeasternmost of the Seven Hills of Rome


(ˈsi li ən)

the southeasternmost of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built.
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A week afterward he went to dine at a beautiful villa on the Caelian Hill, and, on arriving, dismissed his hired vehicle.
The first occasion refers to the characteristics of the Caelian Hill, one of Rome's legendary seven hills,14 which remained an underdeveloped, inner-city countryside, throughout the twentieth century.
Caelian, Esquiline and Viminal are three of the seven what?
Other constructions or restorations in this vein included the Templum Pacis, the Temple of Honos and Virtus at the Porta Capena, the Temple of Claudius on the Caelian, and the Capitol, which had been devastated by fire in December 69 in an episode of the civil war which resulted in the death of Flavius Sabinus and the narrow escape of Domitian.