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Noun1.Caenolestes - type genus of the family Caenolestidae
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Caenolestidae, family Caenolestidae - small marsupials of southern South America
opossum rat - terrestrial marsupials of southern South America that resemble shrews
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Sancho ate without requiring to be pressed, and in the dark bolted mouthfuls like the knots on a tether, and said he, "You are a proper trusty squire, one of the right sort, sumptuous and grand, as this banquet shows, which, if it has not come here by magic art, at any rate has the look of it; not like me, unlucky beggar, that have nothing more in my alforjas than a scrap of cheese, so hard that one might brain a giant with it, and, to keep it company, a few dozen carobs and as many more filberts and walnuts; thanks to the austerity of my master, and the idea he has and the rule he follows, that knights-errant must not live or sustain themselves on anything except dried fruits and the herbs of the field.
2010), Caenolestes caniventer (Lunde y Pacheco, 2003), Sturnira erythromos (Pacheco y Patterson, 1992) y algunas especies del genero Artibeus (Patterson et al.
2000), para el orden Paucituberculata, se encuentra la familia Caenolestoidea, representada por el genero Caenolestes, con dos especies registradas (WOODS & KILPATRICK, 2005).