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n.1.A small island or ledge of rock in the water; a key.
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Dorchester, like Wallingford, was a city in ancient British times; it was then called Caer Doren, "the city on the water.
And he dwelt therein most part of the year, and therefore was it called Caer Ludd, and at last Caer London.
In the CJ Sports Under-8 Division Two, Hebburn Reyrolle and Caer Urfa 2 drew 2-2.
By joining CAER, ISRI members are breaking with the trade association's position and taking a stand in support of export restrictions on unprocessed electronic products that will create jobs and protect the environment.
The CAER was organized in late 2004 through the efforts of the Region 2000 Technology Council and the Region 2000 Economic Development Council.
They will run Caer Rhun (inset below) as a hotel, wedding venue and conference centre.
Llan & Caer remained a threat, and gradually eased their way back into the game, firing home a penalty corner of their own to reduce the deficit.
Caer Health Services are committed to promoting workplace health & well-being both internally and to our clients and service users.
The first 16 of the apartments and penthouses are being fitted out on the Caer Amon site, which is Roman for "fortified place on the River Almond" and was chosen because the houses sit near the Almond, as well as the Forth.
CAER has created a catalyst to pace up the assimilation rate of the solvent utilized, so that scrubber can be of minor size.
Winter and Reay netted for Caer Urfa, but a Pyle effort, doubles from Diamond and Woolrych and a brilliant hat-trick from Wanless secured the points for the leaders.
MSPA was selected in a competitive process to administer the CAER meetings and will be responsible for requiring member pipeline operators to comply with federal laws mandating public awareness programs for emergency responders.