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Military or imperial dictatorship; political authoritarianism.

Cae′sar·ist n.
Cae′sar·is′tic adj.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an autocratic system of government. See also Bonapartism
ˈCaesarist n
ˌCaesarˈistic adj


(ˈsi zəˌrɪz əm)

absolute government; imperialism.
Cae′sar•ist, n. adj.


the characteristics shown by a dictatorship or imperial authority. — Caesarist, n.
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Noun1.Caesarism - a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)Caesarism - a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)
autocracy, autarchy - a political system governed by a single individual
police state - a country that maintains repressive control over the people by means of police (especially secret police)
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Its ideology is Caesarism, even as its reality is criminal marginality" (Buried Caesars, 197-98).
Under Caesarism neither state nor Church is free, for in relation to both Caesar's will or caprice is the law.
France's Fifth Republic at Fifty: Plebiscitarian Caesarism from Descartes to Rousseau.
Kurz fait de Jaures un theoricien du << welfare state >> avant l'heure (138), toujours favorable a une voie pacifique et progressive : << Reformism had staved off, for the present, the threat of a new and powerful reactionary force, a conglomeration of << Caesarism >>, clericalism, militarism, anti-Semitism, and nationalism.
Concern about the evolution of oligarchy or Caesarism within the form of a republic is one of the oldest themes in the political literature of the West.
And later he says the "secret of Roman politics," which was only "revealed" in the aftermath of Caesar's assassination, was that "Caesar was dead but Caesarism lived on.
39) The translation first appeared after Archbishop Ireland visited Paris where, again, he praised the benefits of American democracy and its constitutional separation between church and state, describing the "Church's happy self-government under a constitution which made Caesarism impossible.
Calabresi, Caesarism, Departmentalism, and Professor Paulsen, 83 MINN.
In addition to anti-imperialist ideals, the Monterists also make use of the same political discourse as the Ribierists, promising that their regime, which they define as Caesarism, will bring order, peace and progress to the country:
According to Leo Strauss's understanding, Caesarism could be understood by classical political philosophy as a subdivision of absolute monarchy.
Obama will, however, merit the nation's backhanded gratitude if the 2016 Republican presidential nominee makes central to a successful campaign a promise to retreat voluntarily from his predecessor's Caesarism.