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(Italian kaʎˈʎostro)
(Biography) Count Alessandro di (alesˈsandro di), original name Giuseppe Balsamo. 1743–95, Italian adventurer and magician, who was imprisoned for life by the Inquisition for his association with freemasonry


(kælˈyoʊ stroʊ)

Count Alessandro di, (Giuseppe Balsamo), 1743–95, Italian adventurer and impostor.
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Noun1.Cagliostro - Italian who was famous as a magician and alchemist (1743-1795)Cagliostro - Italian who was famous as a magician and alchemist (1743-1795)
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Being no disciple of Cagliostro, I was wholly unable to do this; so, by way of getting out of the scrape, I said, `Ask Morcerf; he has got the whole history of his beloved Monte Cristo at his fingers' ends;' whereupon the baroness signified her desire to see you.
He is too fictitious to be real and yet, like a modern Cagliostro, he stands for real persons who engage in all sorts of devious plans and spread misinformation that affect millions of people.
Garden of Words Voices of a Distant Star The White Snake Enchantress Horus: Prince of the Sun Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro The closing night films, (2013) and , (2003) both by Makoto Shinkai, and (1958, Kazuhiko Okabe, Taiji Yabushita), (1968, Isao Takahata), and (1979, Hayao Miyazaki) complete the anime line-up at Ajyal.
In nine chapters he highlights examples, among them the Rosicrucian, Freemasons, the Kabala, magic, and alchemy, as well as practitioners Count Cagliostro and Julie de Krudener.
Anthony Cagliostro pushed in a rebound two minutes after Happy scored to close out the scoring for Westfield.
Contact: Charles Cagliostro 1-800-574-5034 sales@tokenworks.
Cipri and Maresco's third feature film, Il ritorno di Cagliostro (2003), is about the Trinacria Cinematografica's failed attempts to make Sicily the rival of Cinecitta.
Then the memorial plaque that said Count Cagliostro had lived there became clearly visible.
Schunzel later directed Veidt in Der Graf von Cagliostro (1920).
The second strain, the primitive, manifested itself in the eighteenth century in visionaries like Cagliostro and Swedenborg and secret societies.
Precisely because nothing is more modern than this total sickness, this lateness and overexcitedness of the nervous mechanism, Wagner is the modern artist par excellence, the Cagliostro of modernity.
The Order of the Alchemists: The Knights of Malta and Cagliostro is a DVD uncovering the mysterious history of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, as well as the various occult and nefarious forces at work behind them.