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An ancient or medieval settlement or farmstead fortified with a circular bank, ditch, or stone wall, situated usually on a hill or promontory in northern Europe, and especially in Ireland.
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Official Alan Wallace added: "What appeared to have happened is that as the lady descended the Caher ridge that evening, she came off the ridge on to some soft, quite boggy, ground, and she got stuck in a bog hole.
Classroom, associated bathroom and all associated site services at caher national school, caher, kenmare, co.
247) Billed by the Albany Times Union State Editor John Caher as "an expert in appellate advocacy, as well as a favorite of influential powers in the right wing of the Republican Party," (248) Hutter appeared to be a likely pick for Pataki to make.
John Caher, Hearing Begins Evaluation of Need for More Civil
She routinely missed school due to with other kids in caher condition and was unable to play case she caught infections which could have a devastating effect on her health.
Prior to Booker judges granted many more downward departures than upward departures (Mustard 2001) and many judges publicly complained about the severity of guideline sentences (Bradley 2004; Caher 2006; Gustafson 2002).
Endlosing runinstyle Adare-based John Long hadn't had a winner since Caher Lass scoredatKillarneyinMay2008, buthisbarrenspellwasendedby Baresi in the2m4fhandicaphurdle.
by getting rid of most of your other debts, keeping up the mortgage will be just that much easier (Caher and Caher 2006, p.
The commission focuses its scarce resources on New York State jails and has recently aggressively enforced the law banning sexual contact between inmates and staff at one upstate jail, prohibiting it from housing female inmates until the problems were rectified, says John Caher, the agency's spokesperson.
Individuals who are released on parole after serving sentences for murder consistently have the lowest recidivism rate of any offenders," said John Caher, a spokesman for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
227 (1995) (discussing sting operation against Egyptian Sheik Omar Abdel Rahmen and subsequent criminal proceedings and defenses); John Caher, Terrorism Trial of Muslims Raises Issues of Entrapment, 236 N.
And wouldn't this have been a good opportunity for comparisons with Clare's neighbours--Inishturk, Inishbofin, Caher et al.