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Noun1.Cairene - a native or inhabitant of Cairo
Al Qahira, capital of Egypt, Egyptian capital, El Qahira, Cairo - the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa; a major port just to the south of the Nile delta; formerly the home of the Pharaohs
Egyptian - a native or inhabitant of Egypt
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Mohamed Mokhtar is one of the Cairene people who have been living there since 1991.
Located about 45 km away from Cairo, to be constructed on 700 sqkm, and costing about $45bn over 12 years; the new capital aims to ease the Cairene scene of overcrowdedness and insufficiency of governance through moving the presidency, the, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the parliamentary headquarters to it along with other ministries by 2019.
When a metal rail erected to prevent jaywalking proved inconvenient, an obliging Cairene thoughtfully cut the bars.
I believe that this is all relevant, not only to Cairene architecture, but to architecture in general because architecture is culture in context," said El Sawy.
Saleh devotes the first act of his film to sketching the corrupt character making up this Cairene echo of "Bad Lieutenant.
Among the landmarks to visit is Midaq Alley, where Cairene Nobel Laureate, Naguib Mahfouz, set one of his best-known works.
Jurji Zaidan [1861-1914], the prolific Cairene writer and publisher of the journal Al-Hilal, is perhaps best remembered today for his twenty-one popular historical novels, which through initial serialization in magazines, periodic reprints in Arabic, and subsequent translations into several languages in the century since his passing have made Arab history entertaining and accessible to generations of readers throughout the Arab world and beyond it.
For instance, Giladi suggests that the professional success attributed to a fourteenth-century Cairene midwife in her old age reflects the fact that when women "stopped men-struating and could no longer give birth, thus guaranteeing their purity, they could move more freely in the public space and cooperate with male doctors in assisting pregnant women" (p.
Abdel Hafez approached similar topics (with the exception of a Cairene versus non-Cairene culture clash), but tended to do so via more targeted questions that typically either tied his interviewee to a specific trait or debate affiliated with the new generation, or set the writer up as an exception to the trend.
Cairene filmmaker Iman Kamel's hybrid film Egyptian Jeanne d'Arc melds documentary with mythic story elements, poetic narration, interviews and dance to convey intimate, true stories of resistance by Egyptian women, since the 2011 revolution.
Possibly the translation of a form of entrapment and fakeness imposed to the artist by the Cairene elite.