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A region of southern Louisiana settled by Acadians in the 1700s and now a center of Cajun culture.
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And in Cajun country, the good old boys treat redfish (or red drum) like filet mignon.
Award winning restaurant in the heart of Cajun Country has earned a positive local reputation.
MUSIC Cajun Country Revival Comprising musicians Jesse Lege and Joel Savoy and two members of Portland Oregon's Foghorn Stringband, this group presents a music that seems to embody all of the things that make life wonderful and together they've delighted audiences around the world celebrating Cajun and early Country music.
CAJUN Country Revival is a veritable supergroup of American Roots musicians and they will be performing the penultimate date of an enormously successful UK tour at the Victoria Hotel in Menai Bridge on Thursday, June 2.
Rachel Hamer Band, RANT, Chris Meredith & Watchtone, King Cole and a stand-out free event on the Sunday afternoon in the park featuring Joel Savoy, Jesse Lege in the Cajun Country Revival which happens to include members of the wonderful Foghorn Stringband.
Born in Louisiana's rural Cajun country, Joseph has lived a life filled with honors: serving as the U.
Born and raised in Cajun country, Lee Stephen spent his childhood paddling pirogues through the marshes of South Louisiana.
Cajun Country is plagued by the sexy but menacing vampires of "True Blood'' (airing its final season on HBO on Sundays).
Similar to how James Lee Burke treats Cajun country or Sue Grafton the California coast, Welsh-Huggins is out to make Columbus a character.
Hailing from the heart of Cajun country, the Boys, with their wild shows and thoughtful arrangements, have breathed new life into Cajun music.
A family affair in the heart of Cajun country - we do it all, and we do it best!
The Army Corps of Engineers, desperate to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans from flooding, opened a spigot on a spillway, intentionally flooding this part of Cajun country, an area much less populated.