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calorie (large calorie)


1. calorie (mean calorie)
2. calorie (small calorie)


abbreviation for
(Computer Science) computer-aided (or -assisted) learning


1. California.
2. kilocalorie.


1. calendar.
2. caliber.
3. calorie.
References in classic literature ?
I may be deemed superstitious, and even egotisti- cal, in regarding this event as a special interposition of divine Providence in my favor.
Presently she was in, and, squatting by the side of the corpse in such a fashion that I could not get to the door, she began to make lamentations and to cal down curses on me.
The seriocomic periodi- cal PUNCH, I remember, made a happy use of it in the political cartoon.
How else could he give Johnny Black four years an' Cal Hutchins twenty years?
It was her physi cal personality that had this imposing charm.
The sea and all nauti cal affairs seemed very far removed from the hos pitality of this exemplary family.
Cal whispered something, a word--maybe he said it twice--then he shuddered and his shoulders locked up.
This year, however, changes to the program should result in more Cal Grants being awarded, says Carole Solov, a spokeswoman for the Commission.
As a result of anticipated additional purchases of CAL shares from current shareholders, ELMG expects that its ownership interest in CAL will exceed 70 percent in the near future.
Bubble gum and baseball just go together so this is a very natural relationship for us," said Cal Ripken.
Is this year's $250,000 Cal Cup Classic, the feature on the Breeders' Cup-style card, ripe for another upset?
We chose Bear Wagner Specialists as our partners on the floor of the NYSE because we are convinced they will deliver superior markets for our stock," said Quinn Hebert, chief executive officer of Cal Dive.