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n.1.A jail. See Calaboose.
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Argentina (Jujuy), Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Brazil (Bahia; Distrito Federal; Goias: Jatai, Niquelandia, Sao Domingos; Minas Gerais; Para; Parana; Rio de Janeiro; Rio Grande do Sul; Sao Paulo; Tocantins) and Venezuela (Aragua, Bolivar, Calabozo, Vargas) (Manfio et al.
15, 1991) and El Calabozo massacres, which took place in 1981 and 1982, respectively, and resulted in the wholesale slaughter of more than 1,000 campesinos, went largely unheeded.
After his release in 1985, during Uruguay's gradual transition to democracy, Rosencof published a number of narratives that deal with the prison experience, including Memorias del calabozo (1987/8), (2) El Bataraz (1991), Las cartas que no llegaron (2000) and Piedritas bajo la almohada (2002).
Our recent destinations included fishing the country's fifth and final big bass tournament of the year on Lake Calabozo.
El color que el infierno me escondiera (1986), El tigre y la nieve (1986), Las manos en el fuego (1986), Amaral: Cronica de una vida (1987), Memorias del calabozo (2005), la forma que asume el relato de las atrocidades en Uruguay.
The prison, called a calabozo, where Hidalgo was held after his capture, is on display at the Palacio Federal a few blocks away.
Calabozo is located some 300km south of Caracas, where the La Lucha Group recently purchased an existing storage elevator (silo).
He was presented with his award by Juan Calabozo, commercial counsellor of the Spanish Embassy, who said: "Each year the standard of presentation and competence of sous chefs reaches new bounds.
The beautifully carved wooden doors and Andalusian windows were obtained from the small, nearby town of Calabozo.