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Any of various tropical American plants of the genus Caladium widely cultivated for their ornamental foliage, variously patterned in white, green, pink, or red.

[New Latin Caladium, genus name, from Malay keladi, an aroid.]


(Plants) any of various tropical plants of the aroid genus Caladium, which are widely cultivated as potted plants for their colourful variegated foliage
[C19: from New Latin, from Malay kěladi araceous plant]


(kəˈleɪ di əm)

any of several tropical American plants of the genus Caladium, of the arum family, cultivated for their variegated, colorful leaves.
[1835–45; < New Latin]
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Noun1.caladium - any plant of the genus Caladium cultivated for their ornamental foliage variously patterned in white or pink or redcaladium - any plant of the genus Caladium cultivated for their ornamental foliage variously patterned in white or pink or red
aroid, arum - any plant of the family Araceae; have small flowers massed on a spadix surrounded by a large spathe
genus Caladium - small genus of tropical South American tuberous perennials with large variously colored leaves
Caladium bicolor - most popular caladium; cultivated in many varieties since the late 19th century
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3 In streetlight the huge, deep-veined, heart-shaped leaves of the caladiums are ears, butterflies, ghosts.
15: Dig and store your caladiums, dahlias, tuberous begonias and gladiolus bulbs before the ground freezes.
For those storage items that are not edible (glads, cannas, callas, caladiums and other ornamentals), a dusting of sulphur on cut surfaces should suppress the spread of rot.
Anatomized in a manner that recalls language-of-flowers manuals, des Essein-tes's floral descriptions of the Caladiums are exact, but more importantly they personify the blooms, emphasizing their fleshy characteristics.
Caladiums, an ornamental also produced largely with methyl bromide, are a $15 million crop in Florida.
Impatiens, tuberous or wax begonias, coleus, browallia, torenia and caladiums in containers add a bright spot of color to shady glens and are ideal for dry areas where tree roots rob moisture from plants.
The Grand Foyer had caladiums recycled from a recent dinner.
To satisfy both husband and wife (Anne loves flowers, Frank loves greenery; "we're constantly battling, she says), Wheeler created a showstopping display of flower beds--massive bright white impatiens in the fall and winter, vivid pink-and-green heart-shaped caladiums in the hotter summer months.
So toss the foil wrap that adorns their pots and pair them with colorful bromeliads, caladiums, or ivy to dress an entry or tabletop.
It's not too late to plant more bush beans, summer squash, melons, peppers, eggplants, marigolds, zinnias, gomphrena, rudbeckia, coleus and caladiums.
Up to 60F is ideal for anthuriums with those beautiful flamingo-like flowers, caladiums, cissus, codiaeums and African violets.
These include canna lilies, freesias, caladiums, gladioluses, dahlias and tuberous begonias.