n.1.(Zool.) A comblike structure on the metatarsus of the hind legs of certain spiders (Ciniflonidæ), used to curl certain fibers in the construction of their webs.
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Short calamistrum represented by a few curved and flattened setae on raised keel.
Like the filistatine genera, Microfilistata possesses a short and narrow calamistrum confined to the metatarsal crest in females (shown as a filistatine synapomorphy by Ramirez & Grismado, 1997) and a long cylindrical cymbium with a highly coiled ejaculatory duct in males.
Labium and sternum, calamistrum and spermathecae are as shown in Figs.
Metatarsus IV with a single row of setae making up the calamistrum (about half the length of the metatarsus IV), calamistrum of male more or less reduced.
Four 3rd instar spiderlings were observed under the dissecting microscope to check for the presence of the cribellar plate and calamistrum.
8), though the cribellar plate and calamistrum were already present in 3rd instar spiderlings.
Some anatomical aspects of Hypochilus thorelli with special reference to the calamistrum and cribellum.