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Any of various extinct, chiefly Carboniferous trees of the genus Calamites, anatomically similar to the modern-day herbaceous horsetails (Equisetum).

[New Latin Calamītēs, genus name, from Late Greek kalamītēs, reedlike, from Greek kalamos, reed.]


(Plants) any extinct treelike plant of the genus Calamites, of Carboniferous times, related to the horsetails
[C19: from New Latin Calamītes type genus, from Greek kalamitēs reedlike, from kalamos reed]


(ˈkæl əˌmaɪt)

any fossil plant of the genus Calamites and related genera of the Carboniferous Period, resembling oversized horsetails.
[1745–55; < New Latin Calamites < Greek kalamitēs reedlike]
cal`a•mi′te•an, adj.
ca•lam•i•toid (kəˈlæm ɪˌtɔɪd) adj.
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All manner of calamites, some engineered and other just plain misfortune, was their lot.
Commentaries about Kenya's current crisis invariably compare it to the one that followed the deeply flawed 2007 presidential election, but none of the comparisons have looked at the role the two declared presidents played in resolving, or perpetuating, the calamites that rigging produced in each case.
This behaviour usually emerges in time of calamites and is greatly laudable.
But some of those human tragedies, real human calamites stand out in my mind, as they do in the minds of the colleagues who also investigated and prosecuted these crimes.
Dans une motion distribuee a cette occasion, l'URAP reclame l'activation du fonds d'indemnisation contre les calamites naturelles, le reglement de la question de la dette des agriculteurs, ainsi que la lutte contre le trafic de produits agricoles, la peche anarchique et la cherte des intrants.
Qabalan went on to blame Israel for all the calamites that have been rocking the Middle East region.
Nul ne tolerera garder en conscience des ames sous les affres des calamites naturelles.
We are doing energy resiliency in our grid areas, we are doing workshops and inviting experts and at the end of the day we hope to put up a manual or a set of documents of best practices so that when calamites or disasters, either man-made or natural, strikes in certain economies these guidelines will be able to help out, Ayson said.
Since it's difficult to predict when these calamites will recur, it is advisable for families to prepare an emergency survival plan.
South Sudan Red Cross had been among the leading agencies that served thousands of lives in Fangak, Pigi, Pibor, Bor and Akobo of Jonglei's counties from both natural and man-made calamites and disasters.
There were some individual plusses, with Duane Vermeulen, Eben Etzebeth and Schalk Burger confirming their status as top quality forwards, while Willie le Roux remains a gifted full-back despite his Cardiff calamites.