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Noun1.Kalapuya - a member of the North American Indian people of Oregon
Penutian - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Penutian languages
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Work is located on 2nd Avenue: Calapooia to Lyon Street, Water Avenue: Washington to Lyon Street, 3rd Avenue: Broadalbin to Lyon Street, Broadalbin Street: Water to 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue to 3rd Avenue, Washington Street: Water to 1st Avenue, 1st Avenue: Calapooia to Washington Street; and Calapooia: 1st to 2nd Avenue.
Bring blankets to the park at dusk for fireworks over the Calapooia River; historicbrownsville.
Tullos has also measured fish and aquatic insect response to geo-physical changes one and two years after removal of the Savage Rapids Dam and also at the former site of the Brownsville Dam on Oregon's Calapooia River.
Associations of winter birds with riparian condition in the lower Calapooia watershed, Oregon.
OH Innovative Specific bridge to be selected Bridge $220,000 $220,000 OK Innovative I-40 eastbound over I-44 Bridge $416,100 $416,100 OR Innovative Sylvan Bridge over Sunset Highway Bridge $80,000 Innovative Blevins Bridge - Tangent Drive $11,550 Bridge over Calapooia River Value Pricing Financing infrastructure with $900,000 Pilot value pricing statewide Value Pricing High Occupancy Toll lane on $400,000 $1,391,550 Pilot US 217 in Portland metro area PA Innovative Wintergreen Gorge Bridge; SR $500,000 Bridge 4034 over Wintergreen Gorge (Fourmile Creek) Value Pricing Variable tolls on PA Turnpike $800,000 $1,300,000 Pilot in Philadelphia metro area PR Innovative Bridge No.
The Calapooia Indians (sometimes spelled Kalapuya) were the first peoples to inhabit the Willamette Valley.
Monteith Riverfront Park is located in Albany, Oregon, on the eastern bank of the Calapooia River, at its confluence with the Willamette River.
Svoboda worked with Weyerhaeuser's watershed team to analyze Calapooia Creek, a tributary of the Umpqua River near Sutherlin.
The Calapooia Reflections Museum in Sutherlin will be showcasing vintage bicycles at the Sutherlin Community Center, 150 S.
Pipe replacement will take place in these areas: Ferry Street, 9th Avenue to 12th Avenue; Washington Street, 9th Avenue to Pacific Boulevard; 10th Avenue, Vine Street to Washington Street; 12th Avenue, alley to Ferry Street; 14th Avenue, Calapooia Street to Washington Street; and 16th Avenue, Maple Street to Vine Street.
The Calapooia Reflections Museum in Sutherlin showcases vintage bicycles at Sutherlin Community Center, 150 S.
The Calapooia Watershed Council in Brownsville will receive $10,000 for the first year of a possible two-year grant to put on a multisport, "Paddle Me River Relay" to engage the Brownsville-Albany community in stream restoration.