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n. pl. na·no·bac·te·ri·a (-tîr′ē-ə)
A calcified, crystalline particle smaller than 200 nanometers in diameter (the diameter of the smallest bacteria), hypothesized to be a self-replicating microorganism that can cause pathogenic calcification, as in arteriosclerosis and kidney stones.
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Chapters cover general evaluation, evidence behind individual therapies, and related topics such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, the link between chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer, male interstitial cystitis, and the potential etiologic role of calcifying nanoparticles.
OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or "the Company") announces the multicenter publication of independent research which reports an association between calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs) and aortic stenosis.
OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or "the Company") announces that scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine, working under a collaborative agreement with Nanobac, have cited evidence showing the presence of calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs) in surgically resected gallbladders with cholelithiasis (Gall Stones).
Silver stated, "Nanobac is the leader in the science of calcifying nanoparticles and at the forefront of a potential paradigm shift, from reactive to proactive, in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases related to its presence.
OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the signing of a Space Act Agreement with NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston Texas, to collaborate on research on Calcifying Nanoparticles (CNP) and its nature and role in pathological calcification, including the detection and treatment of the pathogen.
provider of Nanobac proprietary blood tests that can detect blood levels of Calcifying Nanoparticles (CNPs), which are found in coronary artery calcification, kidney stones, and other stone forming diseases.
HRP's BioImage study enables Nanobac to validate and qualify the role of Calcifying Nanoparticles (CNPs) also known as nanobacteria in identifying the hard "calcified" portion of the atherosclerotic plaque.
OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or "the Company") announces the publication of correspondence in the June 23, 2007 issue of The Lancet that demonstrates new evidence that further defines the infectious role of Calcifying Nanoparticles (CNPs).
OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or "the Company") announces that scientists at Mayo Clinic, working under a collaborative agreement with Nanobac have cited evidence showing the presence of calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs) in plaque-filled arteries in animal models.
Half-a-dozen papers in the Journal resulted from a symposium that assembled, for the first time in medical history, experts from biology, medicine and geology to debate these possible causes of calcification: chemical crystallization; cell-mediated crystallization; and potentially infectious calcifying nanoparticles (CNPs) that generate calcification.
Benedict Maniscalco, Co-Chairman of Nanobac Pharmaceuticals, will give a detailed description of the first live video of Calcifying Nanoparticles (CNPs) providing a possible key to chronic disease conditions.
stated, "We are thrilled with the recent preliminary results we are obtaining at Nanobac bringing new scientific support to earlier findings that the pathophysiology of calcification in vascular and other organ systems involving calcifying nanoparticles.