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n.1.One who, or that which, calcines.
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IKN's preheater and calciner design will ensure minimum pressure drop at maximum performance and high efficiency.
A calciner is a high-temperature, indirectly-heated device in which the atmosphere and environment can be controlled, while volatile gases are captured and completely combusted.
Howev-er, the company also has wet scrubbers for SO2 removal at its calciner plant, numerous dust collectors around the Alba facility but mainly at carbon departments and waste heat recovery at power plants and the calciner.
The company partnered with shredding company Untha to build the Solid Recovered Fuel plant that will turn rubber waste into a fossil fuel substitute to then power Holcim's cement kiln calciner.
Alba was represented by Environment Engineer , Sayed Salah Aqeel Ali Mohammed, Superintendent Desalination, Calciner & Marine Plant, Ali Abdul Hassan Hussain and Senior Industrial Hygienist, Osama Kamel Alnasser.
In 2004 he was promoted to a superintendent at the Calciner and Marine Department and then ultimately manager of the department.
In 2004, he was promoted to a superintendent at the calciner and marine department and then ultimately manager of the department.
The project to develop a 560,000 tonnes per annum calciner in Shandong, China -- in which Dubai Aluminium (Dubal) owns a 20 per cent stake as part of a joint venture with Sinoway Carbon Energy Holdings, Hong Kong -- has been completed on schedule.
An entirely state-owned enterprise, Dubal has invested in joint venture bauxite/alumina projects, notably in Brazil, Cameroon, and the Republic of Guinea; as well as in a joint venture calciner development project in China.
Temporary lifters were installed in the calciner to provide better spodumene pre-heating and heat transfer within the kiln.
A hydrocracking unit, two reformers, a naphtha hydrotreater, coker heaters, a calciner and and a flare gas recovery unit underwent work during the overhaul, according to the notice.
Hourly samples of all raw materials (lime stone, bauxite & iron ore), raw meal, kiln coal, calciner coal, clinker and Chemical ETP Sludge waste were collected and one composite sample on daily basis was made.