calcium gluconate

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cal′cium glu′conate

a white powder, CaC12H22O14, used as a calcium dietary supplement.
[1880–85; gluconate a salt of gluconic acid, obtained by oxidation of glucose; see glucose, -onic]
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Calcium gluconate, normal saline, insulin, and bicarbonate were administered.
In other instances, research has shown that chitosan-coated strawberries retained more calcium gluconate than strawberries dipped into calcium solutions.
Calcium chloride has 3 times as much elemental calcium as calcium gluconate has.
Four hours after admission, the patient remained refractory to all standard resuscitative measures, including intravenous crystalloid infusion, continuous calcium gluconate infusion, gastric lavage, orogastric activated charcoal, and continuous vasopressor support with an epinephrine infusion.
Supplemental calcium used during the patients' stays included such forms as calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, calcium gluconate, and others.
Although immediate calcium gluconate administration can minimize the local and potential systemic effects of HF, no injured worker received calcium gluconate at their workplace.
1%) received intravenous (IV) calcium gluconate after surgery.
The patient was treated with intravenous calcium gluconate, oral calcium salt thrice a day and alfacalcidol 1g daily.
Administration of Calcium gluconate increases strength of myometrial contractions and Oxytocin increases frequency of contractions (Feldman and Nelson, 2004).
Almond milk sphere 800g sweetened almond milk Almond milk sphere 800g sweetened almond milk 5g xantham gum 16g calcium gluconate 5g xantham gum 16g calcium gluconate METHOD 1.