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calorie (large calorie)


1. calorie (mean calorie)
2. calorie (small calorie)


abbreviation for
(Computer Science) computer-aided (or -assisted) learning


1. California.
2. kilocalorie.


1. calendar.
2. caliber.
3. calorie.
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To whom the Son of God, unmoved, replied:-- "Nor doth this grandeur and majestic shew Of luxury, though called magnificence, More than of arms before, allure mine eye, Much less my mind; though thou should'st add to tell Their sumptuous gluttonies, and gorgeous feasts On citron tables or Atlantic stone (For I have also heard, perhaps have read), Their wines of Setia, Cales, and Falerne, Chios and Crete, and how they quaff in gold, Crystal, and myrrhine cups, imbossed with gems And studs of pearl--to me should'st tell, who thirst And hunger still.
But their marriage tanked, and Cales was reported missing on Oct.
Architect John Cale and his wife Margaret have a heap of bin bags 21ft by 10ft and 5ft high thanks to a dispute with Harrogate Borough Council.