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A city of western Colombia on the Cali River southwest of Bogotá. It was founded in 1536.


(Spanish ˈkali)
(Placename) a city in SW Colombia: commercial centre in a rich agricultural region. Pop: 2 583 000 (2005 est)


(ˈkɑ li)

a city in SW Colombia. 1,718,871.
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Noun1.Cali - city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area
Colombia, Republic of Colombia - a republic in northwestern South America with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea; achieved independence from Spain in 1821 under the leadership of Simon Bolivar; Spanish is the official language
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Cali produced some lovely runs with solid defending and some great keeping, which paid off when Josh Tuckey screamed a left-footer for Cali in the dying minutes to emerge 2-1 winners.
Cali quickly opened the scoring with a lovely shot from Josh Fenny, but Hartlepool immediately replied with the equaliser.
It does not pay to assume too quickly on basis of their names that either Maria Gaurilopula or Cali Fradelena were unmarried maidens at the time they entered into their contracts with Andrea Geno.
Cali Plasencena, a Greek woman, reached an agreement with Angelo Biaqua, a Latin man, whereby she would pay him ten perperi for wine and he would pay her the agreed salary for her work in the vineyard that produced the wine.
The Montclair State community mourns the loss of John Cali, a kind and caring man, who did so many great things for our School of Music, for our students and faculty, and for countless others in Montclair and beyond," Montclair State University president Susan A.
Cali School of Music is a beautiful testament to the wonderful life lived by this community leader an extraordinary human being.
Cali Realty Corporation owns and manages approximately 2.
Cali Realty Corporation will operate as a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT) under the Internal Revenue Code, and specialize in multi-tenanted office buildings in New Jersey.
CONTACT: Loretta Brodsky of Cali Associates, 908-272-8000; or John Lonsdorf of Roberts & John PR, 201-331-1070/
Cali family, we are honored to place his name on a School that the Cali family has ensured will open wide the door to a first-rate education for gifted young musicians," Dr.