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In Arthurian legend, the sword belonging to King Arthur.

[Middle English, alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin chalybs, steel) of Medieval Latin Caliburnus, from Middle Welsh Caletuwlch or Middle Irish Caladbolg, a legendary sword.]


(European Myth & Legend) (in Arthurian legend) the magic sword of King Arthur
[C14: from Old French Escalibor, from Medieval Latin Caliburnus, from Welsh Caledvwlch, perhaps related to Irish Caladbolg a legendary sword (literally: hard belly, hence, voracious)]


(ɛkˈskæl ə bər)

(in Arthurian legend) King Arthur's magic sword.
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Noun1.Excalibur - the legendary sword of King ArthurExcalibur - the legendary sword of King Arthur  
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Michael Harrison joined UKGI in 2009 from Greenhill Caliburn, the Australian independent corporate finance adviser, prior to which he worked at CSFB and BZW.
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That sword, of course, is Caliburn, the sword of war; that Guenevere swoons at exactly this moment--not when Arthur announces his intention to attack Lucius, not when he names Mordred as regent, and not when he actually embarks on his campaign--would seem to be significant, especially when we learn later that another sword exists, a sword of peace, and that conceivably, Arthur could have called for it.
One of the most intriguing tables I have seen in a while was Continuum Audio Labs Aussie Caliburn turntable/arm combo.
En el ciclo mitico de la saga del Grial, la lanza dorada, Lanceor, nombre arcaico de Lancelot, constituiase en el rayo en si como lo era la espada Excalibur, a la cual Geoffrey de Monmouth llamo Caliburn, cuya etimologia nos lleva otra vez al relapago (Wals Caledvwich/Caladbolg en irlandes).