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n.1.See Chalice.
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The Southeast Region received the highest honor and Chef Pinky Varghese (Elon University), Chef Paul Calice (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) and Chef Jordan Rogers (Salem Academy) were presented with the coveted Copper Pot and gold medal from the American Culinary Federation (ACF), the largest professional chefs association in North America.
Adesso ad ogni vino il suo calice e ad ogni pietanza il suo vino
ACF Gold Medals: Bryan Kelly (University of Virginia), Brandon Rudisill (James Madison University), Anthony Baker (Muskingum University), Stacy Wiroll (University of Minnesota), Mark Little (Loyola University, Chicago), Sunny Yim (University of Chicago), Eric Huff (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), Paul Calice (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and Ryan Andress (University of North Carolina, Wilmington).
Non alimentee encore en gaz de ville, - les travaux avancent lentement - Hassi Zahana boit le calice jusqu'a la lie ces derniers jours.
La darbuka est un tambour calice en terre cuite recouvert d'une peau de chevre.
Sous un portrait bienveillant de la Vierge Marie, le calice a disparu du tabernacle entrebaille.
Il prete alzo il calice con la piccola croce d'argento.
Though an original work, it draws on folklore and traditional stories in recounting the adventures of a band of animals, including the housecat Nonna Zibetta, who crusade against evildoers in the countryside around Calice in the province of Parma.
Pour la medaille de bronze, l'Italie a bu le calice jusqu'a la lie avec la victoire a l'arrachee du Sud-Coreen Choi Byung-chul face a Andrea Baldini (15-14).
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